We are family.

Ojai Valley Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu JitsuAt Ojai Valley Mixed Martial Arts we truly want to be a family of practitioners.  Every single person training with us is just as important, and we will all work to help each reach their goals regardless of how different they may be.  This will not be a school where respect and humility are over run by rampant competitiveness.  We will train hard, but always with a goal to get better and help others get better.

I am John Jensen.  I picked up the nick name "rev" years and years ago and I will answer to it.  I will accept coach as well.
John rev Jensen. Ojai Valley MMA coachI will not be called sensei, master or professor, so please don't try.  In the kids classes I will be coach Jensen.

As to my experience I have been in this game for a very long time.  I wrestled in high school at Notre Dame Riverside and was three tmes voted most inspirational wrestler.  I coached wrestling at Corona High School.

I began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Black Belt Pedro Carvalho and then joined the Carlson Gracie lineage being instructed by Rodrigo Medeiros.  I was the co-founder of Millennia Mixed Martial arts with Javier Vazquez and Romie Aram and for many years we trained fighters, and competitors.  During this time I had the privilege to train with UFC fighters Dan Henderson, Todd Medina, Javier Vazquez, Romie Aram and Gabriel Ruediger.  And was blessed to corner Gabe in  many of his fights including in the Octagon.

I received my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after 13 years of training, and competing at the highest level.

There are few people that have as much experience in mixed martial arts.  I have taught in colleges, seminars in three countries, instructed at many schools and have cornered and trained countless professional fighters.  My goal here however is not to build a fight school, but rather to build a family, a family that supports, enjoys and encourages each other.


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