John Jensen Ojai Valley MMA Brazilia Jiu Jitsu Black BeltJohn Jensen started his martial arts training at the age of 14 with his first wrestling practice at Notre Dame High School in Riverside Ca. He wrestled all four years winning three most inspirational wrestler awards and one most improved wrestler award. After high school John wrestled a bit of freestyle and then went on to Coach wrestling at Corona High School.

In 1997 John saw the Ultimate Fighting Challenge and was intrigued by the success of the Gracie family. A year later he signed up at the closest school to him which at the time was with Black Belt Pedro Carvalho. Becoming obsessed John would often train 7 or more times a week and earned his blue belt in 6 months. John also became active in competition and teaching.

John then began training with famous Carlson Gracie black belt Rodrigo Medeiros and opened up Millennia jiu jitsu (now Millennia MMA) with friends Romie Aram and Javier Vazquez. It was then that we began to pursue MMA. 

John fought in the very first King Of The Cage event beating Brazilian brown belt Renato Bruzzi and continued to fight for the next few years. Millennia became a haven for serious competitors and fighters and regularly hosted guest such as Dan Henderson, Todd Medina and Duane Ludwig. Millennia is still going strong now located in Rancho Cucamonga with many pro fighters and students.

John then moved to Australia for four years where he taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA at Dominance Jiu Jitsu and then started his own school at the Cave. 

Upon moving back to the States he taught MMA at New Breed academy. 

During all of this time John has been teaching seminars, kids classes, and all kinds of adult classes.  He has taught seminars in a number of states, and countries. He has coached and cornered fighters in many different events including WEC light weight champion Gabriel Ruediger in WEC and in the UFC.

John has been married 26 years to the love of his life Raquel, and has two daughters Adriahna and Cheyenne.  They moved to Oak View in September of 2013 and love every part of life there.

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