John Veloso Ouano Tsunami BJJ in VenturaJohn Veloso Ouano started training in 1994 with his brother-in-law who was then training under Royce Gracie. Soon after, he took formal lessons with Jean-Jacques Machado in Tarzana, CA. In 1995, when Carlson Gracie Sr. moved to Los Angeles and opened his first US academy outside the UCLA campus, John became Carlson's first student at his Carlson Gracie Academy in Westwood (before the academy moved to its temporary facility in the Venice area). Soon afterwards, a larger Carlson Gracie Academy opened up in West Hollywood. Here, John taught with Rodrigo Medeiros, Vitor Belfort, and several more of the world's best black belts.

When Carlson's West Hollywood academy closed, John started teaching with Rodrigo Medeiros at his academy located in uptown Whittier. After a year in Whittier, Rodrigo's academy moved to La Habra, where John continued to teach and where he eventually became Rodrigo Medeiros' first student to be awarded a black belt in December 5, 2002.

In December 2002, John opened New Breed Academy with Johnny Ramirez, a long time student and friend.

In December 2011 John received this third degree black belt from Rodrigo Medeiros and is recognized by the IBJJF and USBJJ.

John, along with Rodrigo Medeiros (Pacific Beach, CA) and Julio Fernandez (Burlington, VT), are founders of the BJJ Revolution Team (Carlson Gracie Team), with affiliate schools located across the United States as well as overseas. Teaching at South Bay Jiu-Jitsu on Saturdays (thanks to Bob Bass for the hospitality).

On December 2, 2013 started Tsunami Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the help of Perry Hauck.

John is the head of our association an will be teaching classes and available for privates occasionally.

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