Fight Camp Fitness

You won’t just be a badass, you’ll look and feel like one too. Gain muscle, speed, and dexterity while getting in a great workout, letting out steam, and developing your skills. Learn Dutch style combinations including jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks, plus throwing knees, elbows, and more. Training includes fighting on your feet, plus what to do when the fight hits the ground (and how to take it there). Whether it’s for defending yourself on the street or becoming the next fighting champ, you’ll know what to do and do it well. Hit pads, work the bags, improve your footwork, and train under the best. Head Coach John Jensen was a successful professional fighter and hopes you’ll take on the challenge of learning the incredible skills and techniques he has to offer.

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Our Classes

Classes are open to individuals at all skill levels. Coaches help members increase their skills and intensity gradually over time. We have mixed martial arts and fitness classes for men, women and children.