Cheyene Jensen kicking


Have fun, see results, and love working out with our Fitness Kickboxing classes. Designed for women and men at all levels of fitness and skill, you’ll gain strength, confidence, and agility while shedding unwanted weight and reshaping your body. Burn up to 500 calories an hour (sometimes more!) while enjoying your workout! Adult students of all ages and skill levels are welcome, and our skilled coaches will help you to achieve your personal goals. Our classes are hallmarked by individual rotating stations where students work at their own pace and progress according to their own goals and needs, all the while coaches provide assistance, encouragement, and instruction. Between station rotations coaches lead the class in core strengthening exercises.

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Our Classes

Classes are open to individuals at all skill levels. Coaches help members increase their skills and intensity gradually over time. We have mixed martial arts and fitness classes for men, women and children.