Kids Martial Arts

When a child trains jiu jitsu, not only do they get introduced to a great sport they may enjoy for a lifetime but they also gain skills and lessons beyond what is seen at the gym. Our students gain self confidence. They learn that when they put their mind to it, they are more capable than they’d ever thought before. They learn more than just sportsmanship, but respect, empathy, integrity, and teamwork. Our students gain and understand discipline and determination. They learn self defense skills that will protect them for a lifetime. Our students gain not only physical strength and flexibility, but mental strength and dexterity as well. Our program improves focus and listening skills, respect for others, the ability to make friends, and provides a safe and fun way to release energy and stress.



Successfully reaching training goals and learning that they are capable of more than they ever knew, our program instills self confidence. Our students know that they are strong, growing in skill and ability everyday. As they see themselves succeed at the gym, the lesson that they are capable of achieving their goals is carried off the mat to all their endeavors.


Our students have respect for themselves and respect for one another. They learn the importance of always being prepared for class, of listening to their instructors, and speaking respectfully to instructors and fellow students. They also learn respect for their personal belongings and the belongings of others (gi uniforms, keeping the mat clean), and respect for their bodies (staying active, drinking lots of water when exercising, keeping oneself safe while playing and training).


Understanding the needs and feelings of others is just as important as understanding own’s own strength. Our students learn to be patient with their teammates and to encourage one another. Kids in our programs learn to walk in another’s shoes and understand the perspective of their peers.


As our students improve their jiu jitsu skills, they see themselves grow and succeed. They learn that through discipline and commitment, they can achieve more than just training goals, but can succeed beyond their own expectations. Students learn the value of “sticking with it” and watch themselves grow and develop as athletes and individuals through discipline.


Our students are well rounded and our program develops excellent character. Developing confidence and humility, our students strive to be honest and honorable.


Our students value the friendships they make here and learn the importance of working together. While jiu jitsu is an individual sport, it takes two partners, each doing their part, to learn the skills and get the moves right. Our coaches ensure that all students get the opportunity to work with everyone in the class, everyone learning to work with everyone else..

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Our Classes

Classes are open to individuals at all skill levels. Coaches help members increase their skills and intensity gradually over time. We have mixed martial arts and fitness classes for men, women and children.