Women's Self Defense

Learn physical responses to attacks, including rape escape methods, and basic striking (specific to self-defense). Practice these techniques in a fun and safe environment, class is open to women only.

Gain confidence with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Women everywhere are too familiar with the reality of having to be on guard at all times—in public spaces, our workplaces, and too often even at home or in company of men we know. (70% of sexual assault cases involve an attacker the woman knows). More and more, women are taking matters into our own hands.

This movement is one of empowerment, one of knowing we deserve respect and safety. It’s about taking steps to ensure we do not accept less.

Welcoming environment

Ojai Valley MMA’s Women’s Self Defense program is built on teaching women to use our strengths and skills to protect ourselves. We will work with you in a fun, welcoming environment to learn important skills, build physical fitness, practice assertiveness and encourage you to trust your instincts and intuition.


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Classes are open to individuals at all skill levels. Coaches help members increase their skills and intensity gradually over time. We have mixed martial arts and fitness classes for men, women and children.

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