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Finding Strength After Injury

When you suffer an injury, it can feel like your whole life is shattered. It can be easy to feel like you’re permanently broken and that there’s no way to get back into the shape you were in before your accident.

This simply isn’t true. Although you might be living with permanent limitations after being injured in an accident, you aren’t “stuck” in an injured body. You can recover physically and mentally, and your Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer can help you recover by referring you to a personal trainer or therapist who can help you progress in your recovery. One great way to combine physical and mental recovery after an injury ispracticing martial arts.

Build a Stronger Body Through Martial Arts

Martial arts are a physical activity. When you train in a martial art, you will be moving, getting your heart rate up, using your body’s natural strength, and feeling sore the day after class. A few of the specific physical changes you’ll notice after you’ve made martial arts part of your routine are:    

  • Increased muscle tone;         
  • Increased strength;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Improved endurance;
  • Improved balance; and
  • Improved coordination.         

You might also notice yourself losing weight and getting better sleep.

Create a Stronger Mind with Martial Arts Training

Martial arts have mental health benefits, too. Making martial arts part of your routine will help you keep your schedule organized and change how you think about prioritizing your workout. It will also help you build self-discipline.

Many people who practice martial arts report becoming calmer and feeling more balanced mentally from the practice. Becoming a more proficient martial artist is as mentally demanding as it is physically demanding. And because martial arts training is done in schools with other students, you’ll find yourself developing a camaraderie with your classmates. As you progress and watch them progress in their own paths, you’ll feel inspired and more confident in your own ability to push yourself further.

Finding the Path that is Right for you

There are hundreds of martial arts styles that have developed around the world. Some can be traced back thousands of years and others are relatively new inventions, originating in the 20th century. A newer martial arts style is no less valid than an older one, and an“older” martial arts style might not be as old as you think – a style’s masters can and do alter their practices’ tenets, sometimes in substantial ways.

Research different martial arts styles on the internet to find one or a few that seem like they appeal to you. Then, visit a few schools in person to get a sense of what it would belike to train with them. Sit in on a few classes and ask the school’s leaders anything you want to know about their way of doing things, because even within a specific style, different schools can have radically different class structures and philosophies toward training. Do not feel pressured to join a school that makes you uncomfortable. Instead, find one where you can confidently see yourself participating and moving up the ranks.

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