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Here in Ventura County being fit, and in shape is an obsession.  With the Pacific just a few minutes away, we want to have our beach bodies ready well before summer comes.  The obvious question is, what is the most effective way to get there? My answer, Mixed Martial Arts training!  I mean have you ever seen an MMA fighter out of shape? Well besides Roy Nelson 🙂 

 Most mixed martial artists have a sturdy build and are lean.  They are not only in fantastic shape, but they are fine-tuned machines.  At Ojai Valley MMA, you can get into the incredible shape that you have always dreamed about.

Let’s look at some reasons why:  

A Full Body Workout

You aren’t only getting a lower body workout by practicing your kicks on the heavy bag; you also are building shoulder strength and power by punching. Core strength is developed by punching, kicking, and grappling.  Wrestling and jiu-jitsu develop powerful back and biceps. Not only are you building strength and the musculature to facilitate it, but you are also building full body flexibility. As you kick higher and higher, and you practice jiu-jitsu, flexibility develops.  Fitness is not only about how we look, but our actual health and flexibility across our whole body allows us to avoid injury in many of life’s little trials.

Not a Boring Workout

MMA gives you a lot more to think about than just your work out. When training MMA, we are learning real-world self-defense. All classes are overseen by a former MMA fighter and coach and are pushed by an entire class. Unlike a typical gym work out, with MMA, you are not fighting boredom.  Even taking the same class is going to be different every time! Each time you learn a new technique, you are excited, and each time you learn an old one again, you see something, you missed the first time. Learning something new is much more interesting than watching CNN while walking on the treadmill.

Diverse Workout

 Every day you have a new workout, a new technique, new drills.  You don’t have to worry about shocking your body past plateaus because our coaches will do that.  At Ojai Valley MMA, we are continually changing the workouts, adding new challenges to keeping you guessing.  Not only keeping your workouts from being boring but keeping the body from getting used to anything. The best part… you’ll show up and go. 

Burn More Calories

 In our kickboxing class, you can burn 590 calories in 45 minutes, of course, you can run on the treadmill for 45 minutes and burn 400, but in a Jiu-Jitsu class, you can lose as much as 620 in the same amount of time.  Using your entire body as we do in kickboxing, wrestling, or Jiu-jitsu burns more calories than any activity that focuses on one body region. Having to change speeds, move from strength maneuvers, to speed maneuvers and on to steady state cardio is a perfect recipe for energy use. Remember, all weight loss is mathematics.  By burning more calories, you can get a tiny bit of grace in the kitchen.

Lose Weight Like an Athlete

Having to make weight classes means that MMA fighters must be on strict diets that both fuel their workouts but allow them to lose weight efficiently.  At Ojai Valley MMA, we can not only give you some of the most excellent workouts on the planet, but we can provide a diet plan that has proven success and signed by a medical doctor.  

I don’t want to get punched in the face!

To be honest with you, neither do I.  At Ojai Valley MMA, we practice Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling with full contact sparring, which includes no striking  and for kickboxing, you punch and kick bags, and targets, do drills and calisthenics, but you will only ever get struck if you sign up for special classes.  So it’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s effective.

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