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Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Martial Arts

1. Discipline

Discipline is beneficial to a healthy and balanced life.  Some children are more inclined to it than others and to some it is a learned skill.  Martial arts encourages discipline which can boost young students’ ability to set healthy boundaries.  They learn to persist towards a goal, work on techniques, accomplish athletic achievements, improve weaknesses, increase their mental performance, and control their emotions.  This discipline will duplicate itself in schoolwork, relationships at home and eventually their vocations.  Martial arts prepares an environment that encourages and rewards discipline.

2. Confidence

Confidence seems like the cure all remedy.  Becoming a confident child is a for sure bully deterrent.  A lot of bullies are looking for people that will not fight back or speak up. Confident people inspire others and reach for goals even if they seem impossible. Young people who feel confident in themselves are more likely to stand up for what’s right and say no to peer pressure.

3. Fitness

It’s a full body workout! Kids who train marital arts become physically fit. Their cardio improves and they become more agile having control over their bodies. When they grow into adulthood your children will thank you for helping them keep their body in top condition.

4. Flexibility

Being flexible is, in my opinion, the fountain of youth. Flexibility lessens injuries,  allows for greater mobility, and increases speed.  Having a balance of strength training and stretching will increase comfort and activity as your child gets older.

5. Self-Control

A good martial arts school will challenge your child. Overtime an array of emotions will arise during their training.  Martial arts helps give kids the tools to stay calm and learn how to act thoughtfully rather than reactively.  Children also learn to deal with adrenaline spikes which helps them think clearly in scary situations.

6. Respect

Having respect is an essential aspect to any martial arts class. To train safely and effectively children must have respect for their instructors, teammates, and opponents. Most importantly, your child will learn to respect themselves.

7. Perseverance

It is a long journey to black belt. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu usually takes 10 years plus the individual must be at least 19 years of age. When your child enrolls into a martial art class they learn to set goals and work towards them.

8. Self-Defense

Every day, tens of thousands of kids do not go to school for fear of bullying.  Youth suicides have increased over the years making parents question how to deal with these situations. At Ojai Valley MMA our students are taught to defend themselves against aggressors; whom might be bigger and/or stronger.  They are taught to be aware, to discern dangerous places and/or people. Each child learns to use their voice, and how to respond with a controlled and purposed defense strategy where they protect themselves without permanently hurting their attacker.

9. Focus

We live in a fast paced world and our attention spaces are weakening day by day. In martial arts classes kids learn to stop – watch quietly – listen, and then practice. Training marital arts takes so much focus it can be somewhat of a meditation practice.

10. Fun

Fun is the most important part of youth martial arts programs.  If your child is not entertained, they will quickly start to complain. At Ojai Valley MMA we make sure each kid is having a blast while they are learning great techniques and skills which they will carry on with them into their adulthood.

Ojai Valley MMA has martial arts youth programs ranging from ages 3 and up. Call today for a free week of training for your child (805) 798-5564.

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